About Sure Systems

Sure Systems was born in 2003 with the dream of making  the management of IT simple for business owners. Specializing in small to medium businesses we help our clients understand the importance of reliable technology in order to keep their businesses running as efficiently as possible.

We work with small businesses needing basic support all the way up to national corporations who need an extra set of hands with big projects, and everything in between.

Our Mission is to provide superior IT Support and Service to our clients through customer focused, friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff.

Our History


Sure Systems is Founded

Alex McGillivray launches Sure Systems on August 1, 2003


First Employee


First Office


Started Selling Cloud Services


Moved to Tower Centre

Our offices were at the base of the Calgary Tower


Launched our Managed Services Platform

Simple, Sophisticated and Supreme.


Joined Trust-X Alliance

Trust X Alliance is a global network of technical professionals ready to take on any IT challenge.


Moved to Blackfoot Trail

Growth required us to move to a larger office space at 201-7003 5 Street S.E. Calgary


Became a Traction EOS Company

We adopted the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)


Office Expansion

Knock down the walls.  The office got a lot larger.


Launched our revised Managed Services Platform 'Results'

Core Values


NOUN "The point at which someone or something is best, perfect, or most successful"



We hold ourselves collectively and individually, as a team of people from different backgrounds, cultures, thinking & working styles, accountable to act in a way that we expect of each other and our customers.


Continuous Improvement

We seek to continually improve on our knowledge, products, processes and services.


Mutual Success

We recognize that growth and profitability are essential to our own and our customers success.



We apply the highest standards of excellence to the service we provide to our customers.

“I can tell you that Sure Systems can be relied upon for many things. They are great ‘nerds’ and help us untie the trickiest of knots; they are reliable, and we count on them to be able to step in at a moment’s notice and help with the ‘strange’ things that happen to all companies in town, including electrical vault fires, floods, etc. As an example, when the Shaw data center had their fire and clients lost their internet connectivity, we were among the ONLY not-for-profit agencies that had dual internet lines in place for just such an eventuality. Sure’s role in this was that months before, we set the strategic objective of not ever being ‘down’ due to loss of internet connection. Sure devised a low-cost strategy and fail-over method, which worked like a charm.”

Neil Wagner
Calgary Counselling Centre

“SureSystems played an integral and unsung role in our business.  They are client intimate in their approach and they are very much the quiet achievers.”

Back in the summer of 2007 I was working as a Chief Operating Officer (COO) for a financial services company based in Calgary and one of the areas of responsibility was the oversight and management of the IT infrastructure that supported our business.  As a company of over 30 people at the time we outsourced the performance and maintenance of this business function to a local IT Services Provider.  Having been in the role for less than 6 months I thought it prudent for an independent party to review our IT infrastructure to identify opportunities for improvements in hardware, software, and how maintenance and support was being managed for our infrastructure.

As part of this process we issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to three other independent IT Service Providers to support an IT infrastructure assessment.  After a review of all of the submissions we decided to proceed with SureSystems, based upon the thought given and strategies proposed in their proposal to support their assessment of our company’s IT infrastructure.

The whole assessment was able to uncover a number of deficiencies in how we were supported on a number of levels.  With this work we were able to introduce the necessary changes to our hardware, software, and recommendations for maintenance and support going forward.  Necessary changes were introduced throughout the remainder of 2007 and into 2008, however towards the end of 2008 we started to experience on-going problems with maintenance and support with our current IT Service Provider. After dedicating higher levels of my time to this part of business I decided we needed to review our existing relationship and to issue a tender for this part of our business.

SureSystems beat out three other competitors, including the incumbent IT Services Provider, and was the successful company that we engaged in April 2009.  SureSystems is still there today and going strong.  So what did SureSystems do that made such a difference at this point in our company’s history?

They managed the transition seamlessly from the incumbent with minimal or no disruption to our business;

  1. They placed a very capable resource into our business to ensure the transition, maintenance and on-going support was managed professionally;
  2. They listened and ensured “outages” and “downtime” were done in a way to minimize the impact to our clients and staff;
  3. Monthly meetings improved the level of communication around changes required and issues identified;
  4. They were very proactive in identifying changes that needed to be addressed to support the businesses growth through their inventory management software tools; and
  5. Together we worked around budgets and fiscal year ends to ensure that our requirements here were aligned with the businesses vision, expectations for the next 12 months, and that there was minimal disruption to our clients and to our staff in supporting our business.
Alan Rees
ChangeEnabled Ltd

“Sure Systems has offered DynaWinch Industries Ltd. unparallel commitment and value in its role as our IT support company. To this day I will never forget when the owner and proprietor of Sure Systems spent 48 hours straight working through the night with our in-house IT staff for the entire weekend to resolve a critical database issue before operations resumed on Monday morning.”

It’s hard to put a price on that kind of care.

Steven Mitchell
DynaWinch Industries Ltd

“Sure Systems has serviced the Print Operations Group account for over 15 years. They have always provided very qualified people and have been very responsive to our service requirements both from a server infrastructure and an end user perspective. We are very happy to continue to have the Sure Systems team as our technical Service Provider.”

Bob Currie
VP Operations, The Print Operations Group

Our Leadership Team

Alex McGillivray
Alex McGillivray
David Buzacott
David Buzacott
Can Zhang
Can Zhang


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