What is TechSoup & How Can It Help Your Non Profit?

TechSoup is a nonprofit organization that provides technology resources and support to other nonprofit organizations, charities, and libraries around the world. Its main mission is to help these organizations access and utilize technology to further their social missions and goals. TechSoup offers a range of services and resources that can significantly benefit nonprofit organizations:

  1. Software Donations: One of the key offerings of TechSoup is the opportunity for eligible nonprofits to receive donated or discounted software and technology products from major technology companies like Microsoft, Adobe, and Cisco. This allows nonprofits to access the same tools used by businesses at a fraction of the cost.

  2. Hardware and Equipment: TechSoup offers a variety of hardware and equipment options, such as laptops, desktops, printers, and networking devices, at reduced prices. This can help nonprofits acquire the technology they need to support their operations and services.

  3. Training and Learning: TechSoup provides a range of online courses, webinars, and learning resources to help nonprofit staff and volunteers improve their technology skills. These resources cover topics like using productivity software, cybersecurity, and digital marketing.

  4. Consultation and Advice: Nonprofits can receive guidance on technology-related decisions and solutions through TechSoup’s consulting services. These consultations can help organizations identify the best technology tools and strategies to meet their specific needs.

  5. Donation Platform: TechSoup operates a donation platform that connects technology donors with nonprofit organizations. This platform allows technology companies to donate excess or unused equipment and software to nonprofits that can put them to good use.

  6. Global Reach: TechSoup operates in over 236 countries and territories, making its resources accessible to nonprofits around the world. This global presence helps organizations in diverse regions benefit from technology donations and support.

  7. Community and Collaboration: TechSoup provides a platform for nonprofits to connect, collaborate, and share experiences with others in the nonprofit sector. This sense of community can foster learning, collaboration, and problem-solving.

TechSoup’s services can significantly impact nonprofit organizations by helping them save money, improve efficiency, and enhance their capabilities through technology. Nonprofits interested in accessing TechSoup’s resources can sign up on their website and verify their eligibility as a nonprofit organization.