What is Conditional Access?

  Conditional access is a feature of Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) that allows organizations to control access to cloud resources based on specific conditions, such as the device type, location, and user risk. By using conditional access, organizations can better secure their data and applications while still allowing employees to access the resources they need to perform their jobs. It helps organizations to:
  1. Protect sensitive data: Organizations can enforce access policies to restrict access to sensitive data based on device security, network location, and user identity.
  2. Ensure compliance: Conditional access can be used to enforce compliance policies, such as requiring multi-factor authentication for certain resources.
  3. Improve user experience: By using conditional access, organizations can provide a seamless user experience while still maintaining strong security controls.
Overall, conditional access helps organizations to balance the need for security and the need for productivity by enabling fine-grained control over access to cloud resources.   To learn more, contact us!

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