What is an “evergreen” strategy for computer hardware? How can this help my organization?

An evergreen strategy for computers is a strategy that aims to keep your computer systems up-to-date with hardware upgrades, ensuring that they remain current and relevant over time.

The term “evergreen” refers to the fact that your computer systems should be continually updated and refreshed to keep them healthy and running efficiently, much like an evergreen tree that continues to grow and flourish.

Having an evergreen strategy for your computers is essential for several reasons:

  1. Security: With regular updates, you can ensure that your computer systems are protected against the latest security threats, vulnerabilities, and malware attacks.
  2. Performance: Scheduled hardware refreshes can help to improve the productivity of your staff, such that they can work quickly and efficiently without waiting for slow/unresponsive technology or dealing with downtime from computer failures.  This downtime adds up with leads to:
  3. Cost: The cost of continual support tickets in addition to employee downtime using older hardware can eventually equal or outweigh what it would have costed to replace the hardware.

Overall, an evergreen strategy for computers is a proactive approach to maintaining and updating your computer systems, which can help you avoid costly downtime, security breaches, and other issues.  Industry best practice is to schedule 1/3 of computer workstations to be replaced yearly so that all workstations get replaced after 3 years, and to replace server / networking hardware after 5 years.

We can assist with this planning and analyze your current inventory of IT hardware and help you plan for the future so that there are no surprise costs – you can have a financial plan for your IT assets.

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