Why Choose Sure Systems as your preferred IT Service provider?

At Sure Systems, we value the importance of reflecting on our journey, celebrating successes, and learning from challenges to shape our future. Throughout our nearly 12 years in business, our core philosophy has been to remember why we do what we do and why our customers choose us as their preferred IT service provider.

To gain insight into our unique qualities and the reasons behind our customers’ trust, we engaged our staff in a brainstorming exercise. The results were truly remarkable and filled us with pride as we delved into the question, “So, Why Sure Systems?” We discovered that our team shares a deep passion for making a difference in the lives of small businesses in Calgary.

To immortalize these meaningful words, we crafted a Word Jumble, which now serves as our Brand Guide, prominently displayed in our office. Amidst the variety of words, one adjective stood out as the common thread among all staff members: “Ethical.” This value is of utmost significance to us at Sure Systems.

Our commitment to ethical practices guides every facet of our business. It shapes our decision-making, defines our interactions with clients, and ensures that integrity remains at the core of everything we do. Ethical conduct is not just a choice for us; it is a foundational value that sets us apart.

As we forge ahead, we remain steadfast in upholding the principles that have earned us the trust and loyalty of our clients. We will continue to prioritize ethical practices, alongside excellence, innovation, and unparalleled customer service. Our ultimate goal is to create a positive impact on the businesses we serve, contributing to their success and growth.

At Sure Systems, we take immense pride in our staff, our values, and the trust placed in us by our customers. We eagerly embrace the future and the countless opportunities that lie ahead. Together, we will remain a trusted partner, delivering outstanding IT solutions and support while unwaveringly adhering to our ethical principles.

Our Word Jumble – The bigger the word, the higher the frequency

Why Choose Sure Systems?

In building our Brand Guide we were able to extract a couple of core values that help to set us apart from other IT companies. These are principles that make us who we are and drive all of our decisions that we make as a company. They will always guide the ‘Sure Systems’ way of providing service.


Our standing principle is that IT should be as simple as possible. The less complex the system, the easier it is to maintain. The easier it is to maintain, the more reliable it is. We only make recommendations and suggestions that we know will increase your businesses productivity.


What makes us stand out from the crowd is the fact that our ethics stand first and foremost. ‘Ethical’ was the common thread of all our staff when coming up with words that describe our business. We have always worked to earn and maintain the trust of our clients – and that is something that will never change.


It goes without saying that it is important that the people looking after your businesses IT should be knowledgeable in the field. Sure Systems goes above and beyond to make sure that all of our staff are trained in their field of expertise. We have a great team with a vast skill set – and we work as a team to always ensure you get the utmost support for your business.

We’d love to hear – what are your business’ Core Values?