Business Continuity & Data Recovery

Why is Business Continuity & Data Recovery (BCDR) important?

Business Continuity and Data Recovery (BCDR) refers to the strategies, processes, and plans that organizations put in place to ensure the continuous operation of their business and the recovery of critical data in the event of unexpected disruptions or disasters. These disruptions can range from natural disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes to technological incidents such as cyberattacks, hardware failures, or data breaches. Below are the key factors why these are important:

Downtime is inevitable

Several factors and outside circumstances, like natural disasters, can cause apps to go offline without notice.

Downtime causes tangible impact to business

When apps are down, services become unavailable to organizations and customers

BCDR can mitigate losses

Outages may be permanent, and proper BCDR planning not only ensures that business can continue operating but that data is not permanently lost

BCDR Challenges

High Availability, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Failure event protection options across the recovery and restoration category.


High Availability (HA)

Distribution of an application or workload across a redundant physical or virtual infrastructure. Prevents impact to uptime if one or more nodes should fail.


Disaster Recovery (DR)

A combination of tools, backups, replication and asynchronous processes used to recover workloads. Limits data loss across multiple Azure regions during a catastrophic event.


Business Continuity (BC)

The process, tools and architecture built on top of DR. Ensures continued uptime of critical business services during a catastrophic event.

Why do customers need to protect their IT estate?

Data Corruption and Deletion


Outages and Natural Disasters


Why BCDR Matters for Your Business


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Average cost of downtime for large enterprises**



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***Source: Uptime institute report 2021 Data Center Industry Survey Results – Uptime Institute