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Why Fiber? To meet higher demands of businesses and residential customers, Internet service providers are upgrading their infrastructures by turning to fiber Internet. The emergence of cloud computing and the need for instant access to data and information requires heightened bandwidth, fast and reliable internet speeds and increased measures in security. Thinking about making the...
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Tips to Avoid Unexpected IT Costs
With technology, there’s always the risk that old hardware is going to bites the bullet. Your server could fail, or your company does an acquisition which requires more desktops, laptops and mobile devices. All of these things, when unplanned – can add up to a hefty bill. Expenditures are inevitable, but if properly planned for,...
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Pros and cons of the cloud
Everywhere we go, we’re connected. Our devices get smaller, faster and we become increasingly more reliant on them. They’re smart, and we need them to be. We’re in an era where workplaces are becoming more streamlined. We live in a society of busy-ness and accessibility. This always “on” way of going about our days has...
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What the Experts are Spending Their IT Budgets on in 2018
Globalization, an increasingly mobile workplace and emerging trends in tech and IT will all play a factor in where IT experts will be investing their dollars this year. Things are looking good in IT land this year. With an increasing dependence on technology in the workplace, IT budgets look to be on the rise. Curious...
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Holiday Phishing Scams
It’s the season for holiday giving, and pretty soon our inboxes and social media feeds will abound with advertisements. Of course, the majority of these are legitimate and likely from organizations you can trust. However, it’s prime time for fraudsters and scammers! They sneak in there with phony emails and posts that may contain malicious...
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