March 2018
Top 5 Reasons Why Outsourcing IT Will Save You Money
Technology changes so fast, it can be hard to keep pace. By outsourcing your IT, you have the freedom of being able to focus your energy and money where it should be: on keeping your clients happy and growing your business. With outsourced IT, adapting to new technologies is easy, and you can be confident...
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New Features on Adobe Creative Cloud
Time is valuable, especially in business. Knowing about some of the features of Office 365 can speed up your work, saving you time and streamlining your operations. By using Office 365, you have the cloud at your fingertips, which makes working a breeze. Here are a few features that allow you to be more productive...
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Cyber Attack on Tim Hortons
A recent malware attack that affected nearly 100 Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada provides a perfect example of the benefits of using a managed service provider (MSP).Because of outdated security measures, the virus disabled computers and point of sale terminals and even forced the closure of some restaurants. While Tim Hortons was careful to mention...
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