Technology is fundamental to our businesses.

It houses our data, runs our programs, enables us to communicate and to share information. We’re here to ensure your data and technology is safe, up-to-date and working properly. When you’re a small to medium-size company, an in-house IT team isn’t always required. With Sure Systems, we step in as much or as little as you need; helping you save money and time so you can focus on what really matters - your business.

We provide tailored service plans that work with your specific IT requirements. We’ll work together to find a solution for you and one that will carry you through to the future. As your business evolves, we’re right there with you. From sourcing the right networks and equipment, to hosting cloud-services that improve your operations and the safety of your data, to maintaining routine backups, and coming to your aid when a disaster strikes. We’re here to provide solutions, support and protect your most important assets – your data.

Hourly Support

Our professional, friendly service technicians are just a phone call away. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; there is always an expert available to troubleshoot your needs.
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Service Plans

We keep things simple by offering our clients flexible, monthly service plans based on the level of support they require. With proactive monthly maintenance, we catch small issues before they turn into bigger ones.
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Backups & Recovery

How well are your backups working? The unexpected can happen, as much as we like to think, “it can’t happen to me”. We’ll ensure you’re prepared and that your data is available should you be faced with disaster. Our team is continuously monitoring and checking your programs and technology so we can alleviate a crisis […]
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Cloud Services

Everyone is talking about the cloud, but how does this affect you? Find out how cloud services are changing the way companies do business, while keeping their information safe.
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IT starts with having the right hardware in place. We’ll help you source the products you need to optimize your operations for now and in the future.
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