Tech Tips
Top 5 Tips for Building an IT Budget: Sure System
It’s that, time for new year budgeting. An exhaustive and time-consuming task for any organization. Are you responsible for your IT budget this year? Get a handle on how to plan for your 2018 IT needs with our top five tips: Know your organizations’ Vision Know what your company needs by asking the right questions,...
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Moving IT Checklist
Office moves can be exciting and yet a huge undertaking. New digs, new views  – a fresh start! You know what needs to get done and when you need to be out. But do you have a solid plan for moving your IT? Your IT is central to your business; don’t risk interruptions or downtime...
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5 Ways to Protect your Cybersecurity While Traveling
You have your passport, swimsuit, laptop, a good book and your kids’ iPads – you’re all ready to take off on vacation! But wait – there’s one important thing you could be missing – and that’s cybersecurity. Of course, you can’t pack “security”, but it’s the one thing that can make you most vulnerable while...
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Back it Up: Top 5 Reasons why you should backup ALL of your data
Whether you’re a successful business or a budding entrepreneur, chances are you have plans in place from inception to your daily operations. But do you have a recovery plan for your most important data and information systems? Data backup (making a copy of your most important files) is one of the most important, yet often...
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5 Questions you should be asking about your backups
For those who loathe the technical side of business, backing up your data can be confusing, time-consuming and a total headache. This can leave your backup plan as last priority until a disaster happens. Although it can feel like a daunting task, there are a few easy steps that will make the process seem easier!...
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