phishing scam
Holiday Phishing Scams
It’s the season for holiday giving, and pretty soon our inboxes and social media feeds will abound with advertisements. Of course, the majority of these are legitimate and likely from organizations you can trust. However, it’s prime time for fraudsters and scammers! They sneak in there with phony emails and posts that may contain malicious...
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Social Engineering | Sure System Blog
Social engineering is deception, manipulation, and trickery to get into your computer system, and it is a big risk to your cybersecurity. Attackers are engaging people through social media, mobile apps, and email by creating fake profiles that resemble that of someone they know; a friend, family member, colleague or CEO.  The profiles look very...
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Phishing | 8 Types and How to Protect Yourself
First off, what is phishing? Phishing is one of the most common types of fraud that may affect your business.  It’s an insidious form of fraud that can be prevented and protected against with proper education, user training, and up to date security measures.  To understand how to protect yourself, you will first need to...
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