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Moving IT Checklist
Office moves can be exciting and yet a huge undertaking. New digs, new views  – a fresh start! You know what needs to get done and when you need to be out. But do you have a solid plan for moving your IT? Your IT is central to your business; don’t risk interruptions or downtime...
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Small Business Equals Big Risks | Cyber Security
Big business, small business, oil company, non-profit or cupcake shop – no matter what kind or size, if you use the Internet, you’re at risk for a cyber attack. However, the stats show that if you’re a small business, you have more at stake. Each year cybercriminals get more and more advanced, finding new ways...
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Why Patching is Crucial to your IT Security
Protecting your business is a top priority. When your IT systems are breached, your whole business is at risk. Hackers love looking for vulnerabilities, and unfortunately, security flaws can and do happen at any time. This is why installing timely updates and patches are critical to protecting your systems and just as important as anti-virus...
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5 Ways to Protect your Cybersecurity While Traveling
You have your passport, swimsuit, laptop, a good book and your kids’ iPads – you’re all ready to take off on vacation! But wait – there’s one important thing you could be missing – and that’s cybersecurity. Of course, you can’t pack “security”, but it’s the one thing that can make you most vulnerable while...
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Cyber Threats | Prevent - Detect - Respond
If you’re a business owner, you probably know that cybersecurity is important.  But how important is it, and what are the potential threats that inadequate cybersecurity can cause your business?
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Why a Business Continuity Plan
Managing risk against cyber, natural or weather-related disaster should be crucial to every business owner. Unfortunately, most organizations don’t put a continuity plan in place until after disaster strikes. 
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