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Email Security Trends for 2018
Spam continues to make up 60% of most incoming email. Dealing with all of that garbage mail can be a huge time suck and clicking on any of the trash links that are included in spam emails can be devastating. Using filters is critical to monitor emails and cut through the noise. It also provides...
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You have your passport, swimsuit, laptop, a good book and your kids’ iPads – you’re all ready to take off on vacation! But wait – there’s one important thing you could be missing – and that’s cybersecurity. Of course, you can’t pack “security”, but it’s the one thing that can make you most vulnerable while...
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How to Create and Maintain Secure Passwords
  Passwords are your first line of defense.  The stronger the password, the harder it will be to break.  Last year the ID Theft Resource Center reported that there were 1,093 data breaches in the US,  which is 40% higher than 2015. Yet, the security industry continues to struggle with password protection and how to change...
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