Daniel Truong

Escalation Analyst


Daniel is our determined new recruit. You can always count on him to complete a task and find a solution. Daniel holds a Bachelor of Computer Information Systems from Mount Royal University and joins us from Rogers Insurance, where he supported his team as a Jr. Desktop Analyst.

As our new Escalation Analyst, Daniel has already proved that he can save the day, and is known for his versatility to take on new challenges. On a busy day of client visits, Daniel stepped in to cover a technician’s onsite visit, without prior knowledge of the site. Just like a chameleon, Daniel adapted to the environment and completed all user requests within the allotted time. As Daniel would say, “versatility is the underestimated strength.” When the most frequently asked IT question you receive is, “can you reset my password,” one would have to be extremely versatile to come up with cleverly crafted resets.