Alex McGillivray

President & CEO


Entrepreneurship was something Alex had always envisioned. In fact, in the seventh grade, he started his own computer support company. It didn’t go far, of course, but that laid the foundation for his interest in IT and running a business.

From 1998-2003 Alex worked for an IT company before taking the leap to start what is now Sure Systems, with the vision to provide superior IT support and service to our clients. When the 2013 flood hit Calgary, the team was put to the test as many of our customers’ IT had been hit. We helped initiate their disaster recovery plans and lockdown to weather the storm. Those with cloud services experienced far less disruption to their business.

Today we are a team of 13 and growing. We’re focused on being boring. On being reliable and efficient. By listening to our clients we are able to provide the best service and solutions to meet their needs.