Maintaining Your UPS

What is a UPS?

Within every server room, there is one thing that is a staple. The UPS, also known as the Uninterruptible Power Supply. The UPS is basically a large backup battery and surge protector, for servers and other systems within your IT infrastructure. Without this vital piece of technology, your data and hardware are at risk of power related failures like a blackout or power surge. Anything that is connected to it relies on it, it is their lifeline. In the event of a power outage, the UPS will either last the duration of the power outage or it will properly shut down your equipment to prevent data loss and damage.

Unfortunately, these systems, while low maintenance, aren’t “set it and forget it.” Over time, like any battery, they lose their charge and may begin to leak acid or even swell. If a power outage does happen there is the risk that there won’t be enough time to shut down the systems properly or last the duration of the failure. Any time that your servers don’t have power is money lost out of your pocket. It simply isn’t the cost of no power that should be the concern for your business; it is the cost of the potential data loss and recovery time. This is assuming the power failure doesn’t wreck any hardware in the meantime.

Why should I maintain it?

Quick scenario; its payroll, the power goes out and you haven’t been maintaining your UPS. All of the data is on the server (which does not get the opportunity to shut down properly) and is corrupted. Imagine the financial impact, impact on the employees, and on the corporate image. The small price to maintain the UPS pales in comparison.

Without giving systems the proper opportunity to shut down you run the risk of even ruining your servers and as we all know, those are not cheap!

Below is an example of a UPS that needed some love — it was starting to bulge and was on the verge of a major acid leak! If your UPS looks like it has some similar symptoms of the below photographs, it would be a good idea to get it checked out by professionals.

You need to maintain UPSs; they are the extra line of defense, the extra layer of redundancy needed should any form of power failure occur.

Maintaining a UPS

At least once a year, a UPS needs to be checked. It is a small price to pay should anything happen. These checks usually take only a few minutes and the majority of the time, require no downtime. Should the battery need to be replaced, it is a quick swap and you’ll be up and running in an hour or less.

If this article has got you thinking, feel free to give Sure Systems a call! We can help ensure your UPS doesn’t fail and doesn’t take any data or hardware with it!

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