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Top 5 Tips for Building an IT Budget: Sure System
It’s that, time for new year budgeting. An exhaustive and time-consuming task for any organization. Are you responsible for your IT budget this year? Get a handle on how to plan for your 2018 IT needs with our top five tips: Know your organizations’ Vision Know what your company needs by asking the right questions,...
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Holiday Phishing Scams
It’s the season for holiday giving, and pretty soon our inboxes and social media feeds will abound with advertisements. Of course, the majority of these are legitimate and likely from organizations you can trust. However, it’s prime time for fraudsters and scammers! They sneak in there with phony emails and posts that may contain malicious...
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Small Business Equals Big Risks | Cyber Security
Big business, small business, oil company, non-profit or cupcake shop – no matter what kind or size, if you use the Internet, you’re at risk for a cyber attack. However, the stats show that if you’re a small business, you have more at stake. Each year cybercriminals get more and more advanced, finding new ways...
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Social Engineering | Sure System Blog
Social engineering is deception, manipulation, and trickery to get into your computer system, and it is a big risk to your cybersecurity. Attackers are engaging people through social media, mobile apps, and email by creating fake profiles that resemble that of someone they know; a friend, family member, colleague or CEO.  The profiles look very...
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Benefits of Cloud Based Account
Gone are the days when you need to rely on USB’s to transfer data, or store numerous documents labeled version one through five on your hard drive. Thanks to the cloud, data, and software now it is accessible online anytime, anywhere, from any device. More and more businesses are moving to cloud-based accounting software due...
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5 Ways to Protect your Cybersecurity While Traveling
You have your passport, swimsuit, laptop, a good book and your kids’ iPads – you’re all ready to take off on vacation! But wait – there’s one important thing you could be missing – and that’s cybersecurity. Of course, you can’t pack “security”, but it’s the one thing that can make you most vulnerable while...
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