May 2018
50 Best Managed IT Companies in Canada
Being recognized by your peers is both humbling and motivating. It is with those feelings in mind that Sure Systems is proud to announce that we won the Top 50 Best Managed IT Companies in Canada. By doing what we know is right, by going above the standards and strictly adhering to best practices, we...
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Are You Using Technology to Improve Your Business Goals?
For nearly any business goal that you have, there is likely an IT solution. And that’s no exaggeration. Tech solutions to help you reach your business goals could range from acquiring new computers for cutting down on your energy costs, to improving your overall cybersecurity, to enjoying the gains that integrated cloud services can offer....
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Email Security Trends for 2018
Spam continues to make up 60% of most incoming email. Dealing with all of that garbage mail can be a huge time suck and clicking on any of the trash links that are included in spam emails can be devastating. Using filters is critical to monitor emails and cut through the noise. It also provides...
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6 Ways To Improve Your Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity no longer just applies to banks and government websites—if you have email, a business website, or even if you just own a computer, you need to be aware of cybersecurity. Below are 6 ways that you can improve and maintain a healthy cybersecurity regimen. Don’t help spread threats The interconnectivity of so many aspects...
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