For many years we struggled to get good IT advice and support. This was costing our business in terms of productivity and member satisfaction.

We decided to switch to Sure Systems and I can tell you that we have been completely satisfied with that decision. Alex and his team are excellent. We have received first rate support in terms of our hardware, software and maintenance needs. They are responsive, knowledgeable and friendly.

IT used to be a pain point for us. It no longer is thanks to Sure Systems.

Adam Legge
President & CEO

The Chamber of Commerce has benefited tremendously from working with Sure Systems. They run our IT, they are incredibly responsive, and our system administrator from Sure Systems feels like one of our team.

Our work with Sure Systems has been particularly successful because they work to understand our business needs and help provide solutions to address those needs.

Scott Crockatt
Director of Marketing & Communications

When we were looking for a new email option, Sure Systems understood our needs and worked with us to come up with the best solution.They were very flexible in working within our virtual structure and we are very happy with the results. Since implementation, service has been prompt and easy to access. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Sure Systems.

Warren Lippett

Sure Systems has contributed to McLean & Partners success since we partnered with them back in 2009. We were in a spot with our previous IT provider where we were no longer satisfied with the level of service they were providing and Sure Systems was able to step up and help give us peace of mind again.

Over the last couple years our relationship with the Sure Systems team has been a great asset to our business. We have been able to trust in the fact that our IT is handled in a timely & professional manner – without having to think about it. We always know that there is a trusted face around our office, something that a lot of IT companies do not deliver on – and this consistency is key for us.

I would definitely recommend Alex & the Sure Systems team to any business owner looking to regain that peace of mind when it comes to their IT. Their organization is one of honest moral and sound, professional advice.

Kevin Dehod

We are a small business with limited IT requirements. Due to various business internal issues and great concerns of our business data we were prompted to search for IT support. We required data backup and prompt computer software/hardware support. Also, our business was in the process of building a new office. We needed support to verify that the infrastructure was implemented with the builders and assistance with moving our current server.

We had been through various IT individuals. They moved on for other opportunities or they were not readily available.

This time when we searched for IT support, we visited Sure Systems office. This gave us an opportunity to see their office and meet some of the staff. With this opportunity we discussed our IT requirements so we knew if they could fulfill our needs.

Choosing Sure Systems is one of the best things done at this office. They are very prompt, we feel secure about our data backup and we are confident with the services we receive.

Jamie Campbell

Back in 2009, we needed an IT provider that understood our needs as a small international organization. Our CIO recommended Sure Systems, an IT service company with which he had previous experience.

It was a great recommendation – Sure Systems has proven to be a huge asset to Operation Eyesight. They offer full IT service, from having staff on-site when necessary to Cloud computing and remote technical support. The technical support staff are quick and highly knowledgeable. Sure Systems has been very responsive to our needs, and based on their expertise, they have substantially reduced our monthly costs.

Highly recommended!

Brian Foster
Executive Director

We have been using Sure Systems for a couple of years now for all of our IT needs.

Being a smaller company, we didn’t feel it was beneficial for us to hire a full-time IT person and Sure Systems has always been there for us when we need them. A phone call is all it takes to get whatever situation resolved quickly whether it is an employee issue with their computer, ordering new product or updating our systems.

We have gotten to know their IT people on a personal level and actually feel like they are a part of our company.

Debbie Pearce
Office Manager

Sure Systems has provided IT support to St. Michael Catholic Community for approximately 3 years. Each member of their team is knowledgeable, professional and have been responsive to our needs. We recently completed a server upgrade and the technician, Yue Ren, was extremely proficient and conscientious. He was able to finish the task with virtually no loss of productivity. Yue accommodated our requirements in his migration planning and the bulk of the work was completed after hours.

We have also enjoyed the lunch and learn seminars from Sure Systems and benefitted from their knowledge of industry trends and practical suggestions.

Overall, the company is well run and their expertise helps us to manage a process that has become an integral aspect of the church operations.

Don Quan
St. Michaels