Our Team

IT should be simple.

At Sure Systems, we’re focused on being boring. The less complex the system, the easier it is to maintain, and the less likely it is to break down. Sure Systems started in 2003 with one employee, our founder, Alex. By 2007 we grew to a team of seven, driving home our mission to provide superior IT support to our clients through customer-focused, friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff.

We’ve committed to become experts at cloud software, disaster management and data recovery.

When the 2013 flood hit Calgary, our team was put to the test as many of our customers‘ IT had been hit. We helped initiate their disaster recovery plans and lockdown to weather the storm. Those with cloud services experienced far less disruption to their business.

We’re focused on being reliable, efficient and experts at our trade.

Today we are a team of 15 and growing. By truly listening to our clients we are able to provide the best service and solutions to meet their needs.